Oh No
written by: Jak Locke

from Bloom (June 4th 2002) (2:44)
I walked by the table the other day
I saw my friends and this is what they had to say
(What did they have to say?)
Get down go around do whatever you have to do
Cuz if you don’t you-know-who’s gonna come up and talk to you
(Who's gonna come up and talk to me?)

I was smokin a joe out by the stairs
And I noticed flies started flying somewhere out there
You disgust me I just wanna have a cigarette in peace
Is that too much to ask? I don’t think it should be
Come on now, don’t make me cry
"Hey, where you goin?"

I try to get by my day without annoyance or irritation
It takes concentration and to plan a station to go to whenever I need a safe haven
Just leave me alone!

Make the mirror wanna go back where it came from
But it can’t do that so what does it do?
It tries to run in all directions at the same time and it cracks
Because it can’t take the stress, the same type of stress I have when you approach
Because I think maybe it might be safe now
Unfortunately, I’m wrong, cuz you’re there once again
"Hey, come back"

never performed live