Packaday Pachyderm
written by: Jak Locke

from Datura Holiday (September 25th 2001) (3:45)
This is um, this is the song. It’s uh, it has no name yet but I’m sure I’ll think of somethin sometime.

I’m feeling generic and I’m feeling like a waste of space
Pushin all the pushpins as far as they can go into my face
Lookin at wires and thinkin of nooses
Telephone juices bleeding all into my skull

My ink pen busted and it made my pants turn black
I don’t need to spend no money to get pants that are black at the clothing rack
Circumstances make it that way for me
And it seems like circumstances is all that there is to be

The bathroom doors got the locks on the wrong damn side
So I surreptitiously lock my suitemate outside
And when he needs to go use the john he’s just shit out of luck
And when he knocks on the door and I’m not there he just says fuck

Well I think I’ma go out in into the quad
And I’m gonna strap my wings on and fly
And stick all kinds of pencils inside of my eyes
Yeah, right down there, deep into the socket
Make me fly high like a rocket all up in the room
And it’s all full of gloom and I feel like a tomb
One of them tombs down out in the desert where nobody’ll ever find it
And it’s just laying out there under the sand completely unknown to the world

Yeah I think I’m gonna fly people gonna ask me why are you up there in the sky
You can’t do that, you fly and you fixing to die
And I just say it’s the only thing make me smile right now
Cuz there’s really not much to smile about at this point in time

Then you say damn boy, you’re white you can’t have no blues
What do you know, you got good shoes
You walkin round and you don’t have to worry about gettin things cuttin you up
But then I say
Yeah but things are all fucked up, situation normal

That’s quite enough of that.

never performed live