Power Outage
written by: Jak Locke

from Jak Is A Four Letter Word: Side A (January 16th 2013) (3:30)
I've got magic in my veins
We're electric and we'll never get that old
Motherfuck yeah
Let's pretend ourselves a tragedy
It's so much better when there's tragedy

Yeah and I wasted all my time again
Yes I did
And I could trace it
And I won't find a thing except
So you're with me now
You're not with me now

Oh there's Hannah
The girl I don't know and she don't know me
And that's okay
Watch her coming and watch her go
Nothing to see
And nothing to say

earliest live performance: September 22nd 2012
lyrics taken from "Waking In A Mass Grave" (365 Eulogies, March 26th 2012) and "Hannah" (Action Packed Self Destruction, June 14th 2014 and others)