Prometheus's Crag
written by: Jak Locke

from Brother Sisyphus (September 10th 2004) (5:21)
I could feel it in the silent voice from solitude's refrain
An imagined poison thorn seemed forever to remain
Relinquished and extinguished for the lovely dead crow's caw
And here the devil's laugh echoes between our jaws

Upon the rising eclipse sun I blind my eyes of sight
In futile hopes of amnesiac dreams to blot yesterday's light

In the midnight dirge of soiled dead Delilah masked recants
Nightblind I saw the redemptress with a minimalist's glance
Hollow bones replaced the narcissistic demigod
Complacent in the casket turning different shades of sod

The warmth like blood now iron chains that bind me to my death
In the froth of rabid agony I choke on every breath

I felt the dew of her dawning ambience in her fingertips through my hair
The tripwire gallows of wanton distance stripped the season bare
The sullen shroud of Eden's garb in tatters and in shreds
Now hangs as a tapestry to remind me that I'm dead

earliest live performance: September 10th 2004