written by: Jak Locke

from The Wreckage, The Yield, And A Place I Can Crawl Up From (August 17th 2018) (4:22)
One more collection of notes for myself to recall
I hang an octagon on the wall to remind me that it's time to stop
Door shut like stone across the room but I'm not alone, I've got my doom
And maybe something else, I'll tell you how it feels when I feel something else
Something else

But I've got, not now, sometimes I get these crazy inclinations
That I could disappear and find the pieces of the peace I threw away
And I don't even know your name but you can tell them that you understood
Maybe even tell them you believed in me
Oh, better stay at home, better stay at home

I broke the glass on my picture frame
I made sure that it was shattered
After all, it had my name
I'd go down to the street fair but the devil's there
(I'd go down to the street fair)
And it's not a secret that I share that we're a perfect pair
(But the devil's there)

And he's got someone that I forgot's regards there waiting for me
And one of these days some aroma will come around and let me remember who
I could say regret won't shadow that day at all, at all, at all, at all
(I could say regret won't shadow that day at all)
But a promise like that is such a reckless thing to do
Oh, better stay at home
Better stay at home

earliest live performance: October 28th 2017