written by: Jak Locke

from Rot (October 18th 1999) (4:11)
Just met a girl, got laid the first date
Thinks that she's got even what she overrates
Wears a quart of perfume to mask all the pot
Lives in a trailer falling down from the rot
"Blackhole of shit, blackhole of shit"

She showed everything on the first day we met
Getting down with her was like Russian roulette
Mattress is caving with 112 stains
Looks at her losses and labels them gains
"Blackhole of shit, blackhole of shit"

Spiral of a life's rejection
Fucked-up twisted anti-correction
No respect breeds no respect and ends at the singularity of shit

Hangs on your arm like a drunken whore
I'm #99 through her bedroom door
Satan only knows what's swimming in her charm
Throwaway latex STD farm
"Blackhole of shit, blackhole of shit"

never performed live