Set Me On Fire
written by: Jak Locke

from Datura Holiday (September 25th 2001) (4:08)
The alarm rang
I reached over and I knocked my lamp across the room
Had to get up out the bed and I ended up steppin all over the light bulb
That’s all right, I was wearin my boots

Well I met me a girl on the internet online and
I thought she might've looked mighty fine
Judgin by the picture she sent me
I met her and uh, well I wish I didn’t

Well about every time I start playin the guitar
I hear a bangin from afar
It’s the wall and my neighbors next door
They got no appreciation nor kind
I don’t mind, hell why whould I, I’m making it up as I’m going along

I smoked me a carton in a week
And I don’t know when I’m gonna be gettin another one to replace it
Well they might say that I got a bad habit
But, it’s just my uh, little skinny white friends
They choke me when I’m not looking

Well the AHD said we gotta keep the rooms clean if we wanna keep our VT
But nobody comes to see about me

Let’s hear it for uh, Louis Gardner on the trumpet ladies and uh, well yeah

Well this trumpet player right here sucks
Just like his buddy, he’s down on his luck
What can I say?

What can you say?
Well that was something that I wasn’t expecting
But then again, who is rejecting anything that comes on this recording
This CD is crap
I guess it ain’t really crap if you’re still listening

No, that's what I said
Okay this has just gotten stupid

never performed live