Seven Up Chaser
written by: Jak Locke

from CBGM Is In: All The Demos (February 2nd 2006) (2:40)
As I walked in the room I saw the party going on
It started fine then I saw her and all my cool was gone
The others just became a whirl of moving hazy shapes
The only thing between us as confusion crossed my face

I want her but I don't want all the trouble
Experience tells me to let it by

She looked at me and our eyes met then quickly turned away
I move toward her across the room thinking of words to say
For some reason nothing comes to mind as I'm standing there
By that time she has walked away from me, I know not where

Infatuation preys on the gullible
I never seem to learn, I wonder why

And so the party's over, I forgot it had begun
I stood confused in my own world amidst the drunken fun
She's gone for good and now I'll probably never see her again
But some day I will meet my girl the question here is when

never performed live