She Took All My Meat
written by: Jak Locke

from Bloom (June 4th 2002) (3:49)
Eleven in the evening got nothing on my mind
Eleven in the evening I’m trying to get to sleep all the time

Got no food left got nothing to do
Got nothing around me but to sit around and think about you

Why you take all my time don’t you know you still owe me some cash
For all the times that I picked you up in my car that I don’t have you owe me gas
Give me money give me something to eat
Cuz I remember last time when you came here you took all my meat
You cooked it in my oven you put it in the microwave
You asked me if there as any money I’m not trying to save
And then you told me that you’re taking the vegetables too

Now tell me baby what do you need with my roadmaps
You got bad luck I thank the devil for you every day I’m stuck

Must be some kinda cruel joke you take all my money til I’m broke
Then you don’t leave nothin for me to eat
Why don’t honey you just mail me some meat
What’s that? You want some postage?
Sure I don’t mind

never performed live