Something Dead
written by: Jak Locke

from Post-Apocalyptic Hymnal (December 3rd 2008) (5:28)
Now all the anthems are at terminus
We breathe the ashes of something dead behind us
And they'll ask "Where do we go from here?", I know

After all our guns have lost their voice
We will rise from our tombs with no choice
No idea where, I just go

As we walk by the chalk drawings of martyrs
All that never lasted drifts on farther
That world meant nothing to me

Have you seen such a sun never rise?
Through it all, we could never shut our eyes
It's eternal dawn above all the debris

All we knew, just another children's song
Can you believe we lived this cold so long?
There's plenty to keep us warm now

Seems we forgot just what the anthems said
As we breathe the ashes of something dead
And we ask "Where do we go from here, and how?"

earliest live performance: December 11th 2008