Stacks of Boxes
written by: Jak Locke

from Thresholds (August 22nd 2001) (3:45)
Yeah, yeah, I kick up the toadstools and I don’t even think about it
If I looked at the dew I think I just might have to shout about it
My guitar pick is in my hand wrapped around my brain chokin on sand
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I got a gray book telling me everything I need
And when I pull into the garden I run into the weeds
I hang my belt up on a pin stuck inside of a white wall
My calendar’s hangin on the same pin too and I don’t think I’m that tall

There ain’t no time to tell about everybody’s things but I sing
"Yeah, oh oh oh, you can tell it anyway just as long as you go, oh"
Yeah, I got a spindle for you, spinnin a record on your top hat
And when I pull out the box cutter it’s a strange new world
I murder boxes by the pound while turning the blinds down
Can you feel this?
Using receipts for bookmarks

It’s the only way to go, telling people what you know
Showin up at your own show, that’s the way and I say so
It’s mad syncopation, pluggin in pluggin out
Placin markers where they never were meant
Fluorescetize your life so you can see what I see and just let it in

never performed live