St. Mary Street, Downtown
written by: Jak Locke

from Prismatic Static (April 29th 2002) (3:31)
No don’t think I'll be back there no more
I couldn’t even last time get through the door
All my friends were there, I just put my head down
They asked me what a smile looked like, I gave em a frown
They said that's not a smile is it raining outside?
I said nothing I didn't want to give up none of my pride
They talked to me afterwards out by the car
They said you're doin pretty good for yourself so far
And I said "Yes", it was the first thing I had said all night
And then I stopped talking, didn’t want to cause a fight
And a fight did not start, not one that I had any part in
Man, but inside the bar a guy wasn't appreciating his friend
They say alcohol'll do that to a man if he ain't careful enough
Make him think he's five times as big and twice as tough

So I lit myself a smoke and I didn't know what to do
When you started coughin I said "Man, you smoke too, that ain't like you"
You looked up at me and you said "No man, it's not that
I was just tryin not to laugh at the girl walking down there who's fat"
I said "Yes, she’s quite fat but then again you’re not exactly small"
Then he turned around and walked away and I started talking to the wall
"Well hello good day to you," I intoned to the bricks
Man, the bricks looked at me and said "I don’t like you, go talk to that pile of sticks"
So I went and talked to the pile of sticks, didn’t hear me so I got a little closer
And I still had my cigarette in my mouth and they started to roast and
Then they caught on fire and they went up in flames
I looked at them I looked at the wall, I looked at my friend's back, they're all the same

Now you might ask where I come from and what it is that I like to be
That ain't none of your business sir and trust me it's a mystery to me
Yeah, you don't believe me, ask the mirror

earliest live performance: April 10th 2003