The Come Up
written by: Jak Locke

from The Gone (July 25th 2000) (2:50)
Golden chimes ringing over me took my place and became part of me
Cast my mind far behind, threw me out of this reality
Rejected all of someone else's chase, cast a hazy veil across my face
Cover all as I fall toward a world where the sun has no place

Wake me walkin down a lonely road away from all the dead and endless low
Sing your song all day long, won't take me back til I've seen all that you can show
In the heat of a dying star, everything I ever am finally far
Lay right here, ringing clear, beautifully stranded where the shadows are

Lets me drink the water from their wishing well, telling all the stories that they always tell
Voices cease, gives me peace, temporarily free from the panic cell
Take who I am and bring it to sleep, promise me all your promises you'll keep
Take me there, anywhere, as long as I'm not there, no water is too deep

earliest live performance: September 1st 2001