The Emperor Has No Clue
written by: Jak Locke

from The Gone (July 25th 2000) (3:08)
Isn't it easy to find someone who'll tell you what you want to hear?
Another missing piece, a plastic replacement and a belt slipped off the gear
Crack your mirrors and blame them on me with a phobia for coming back
Your severed instance don't mean nothing to me so don't send me up your stack

Vacant hallways in the pits of your thoughts where the closets hide the bones of your past
You better lock them all again and again cuz I've heard that skeletons run fast
Never mind the dust that collects in places where it's easiest to brush it away
Final corridors that fall into pieces when your eyes see the light of day

Where's your gown and crown that you always took the greatest pleasure in talking about?
Circle rooms where you're looking for a corner and the echoes are so blessedly loud
A black light shines in the face of an owl which asks about your identity
A strange distortion that you perpetuated through which all but yourself can see

earliest live performance: November 14th 2000