The Road
written by: Jak Locke

from Heavy Root (December 20th 1999) (5:47)
Well I'm sitting outside on my front porch waiting for my friend to come get me
We've got big plans
We're gonna drive down the road
Try to think of something to do

Well it starts to rain and puddles start to form on the curbs and the side of the road
And here comes my friend
He asks me for the ten dollars I owe him
I tell him times are tough
He says "you're right" and soaks me before driving off

So I start walking down the road and a Toyota pulled up right in front of me
Offered me a ride, offered me a job
Offered me a million bucks
I said "sorry, I don't take rides in imports
I'm American, don't you know"

That got me thinking about a job so I decided to find me one
Walked into a store, filled out a application
The manager told me he didn't hire people who needed jobs, so I left

Walking on down I find a church giving out food to the poor
So I walk on in and here comes a priest
I tell him I'm hungry
He says "what are you, crazy coming in here all wet?
Don't come back until you get yourself some decent clothes"

So about this time I've reached the end of the street
At a crossroads
Don't know if I should go right or left
All these streets look the same
So I jump in the canal
Saw it in a movie once or maybe it was a dream
Who cares

Moving on down the canal going with the flow I spot a vagabond
He asks me what I'm doing
I say "floating in the canal"
He asks me why
I tell him "because I was already wet anyway"
He says "ok"

So I ask him what he's doing just walking around
He says "hey man, I'm a vagabond"
He don't have no job
He can count all his friends on one finger
I tell him his mom don't count
He tells me "at least I'm not floating in the canal"

Now I float all the way back to the other end of the road to my front porch and I step out soaking wet
And here comes my friend, pulling up again, offering me a ride
I tell him "No thanks man, been through this already
I ain't ready to go through it again"

Life's a road, don't you know
It's got twists and turns and potholes
And signs and roadkill and litter
Okay so I guess life really just ain't a road

never performed live