written by: Jak Locke

from Junk Worship (September 12th 2003) (as "Throwrug (Throwrug)") (1:56)
Independent aluminum can collection specialist
Trucking down the sidewalk with a broken shopping cart
Defiant faces loving misery in the afternoon mornings
In the faux ghost town where living's a lost art

Suckin down dust and fumes of mass fabricated soma
In the television billboard with legs model citizen parade

Emaciated jawless wolves, self-worth guided by the words on their pants
Hybrid grocery store display of the tie-sporting disposable bolt
Thrift store rejects mashing the mattress and slacking their soul away
Throwback losers chewing the gristle of history for any reason to revolt

Sad sack zoo cage microcosm euphemism
To sell off living to the closest bidder for the sake of existing
Redundant crapped out terrariums of burnt out cast off cronies
Where the autocratic status quo isn't even worth resisting, yeah!

Throwrugs think they got it made
Ruling over kingdoms of shit below them
Never tell them that the pressure that they feel's not from any big decisions
Just from things that pass above them on their way to somewhere better
Come on!

never performed live