Trailer Reject
written by: Jak Locke

from Dustpan Ballads of the Total Stoned Model Citizen (October 22nd 2001) (1:50)
I don't have time to do anything
I don't even have time to say this

Message 4
It was Halloween night, a couple years back
And I got really fucked up off of some beer
And a lot of liquor and some other shit
And I smoked pot with this weird girl
Named Misty, I think
And so then I needed a ride back to the dorm
So I went with this girl Megan
Cuz she was going back at about that time
I was lucky
And I got in the car
And I don't remember a damn thing
Cuz I was fucked up out my mind
I was totally wasted
I got back to the dorm and I think I got on the internet
Yeah, online
And I went in some chat rooms
And, yeah, that's all
4am Saturday

(Hotel ice tray in a vinyl bucket, fuck it
Dropping dimes for wind-up chokings
Reject salad, trailer hitch soda pop
Nuclear family meltdown
Sound all empty
Thrift store reject, trailer reject
Tied up in apathy
Probed to the core in a red light zone
Rusting paper towel
Emoting to eyes that hardly give a damn)

earliest live performance: September 22nd 2012