written by: Jak Locke

from Banjo: Banjo (October 21st 2007) (2:00)
I'm the type of guy that'd fuck your girlfriend
Look her in the eye, tell her I don't want to see her again
Then tell all your fuckin friends about it
Be loud and proud and shout about it
Don't give a damn about it
Then when you come up and confront me, try to jump me
I take you out like a punk, see
Bust your motherfuckin nose with a pennyroll
Bitch, I could give a shit, shut your fuckin hole

I've been through shit you never seen
Shit that'd make you scream for your fuckin momma like a bad dream
Give me room, motherfuckers want to crowd around
See if they can turn my other-motherfuckin life around, but no
Motherfucker what makes you think I give a fuck what you think?
I'm a punk, check the hair and the shit that I drink
You can give me your opinion about the life that I live
Two words: Fuck you, and the opinions you give

Do what you're told
Do what they say
Come out of the cold
Turnabout's fair play

Who the fuck are you, I never met you
Telling me the way to be and what to do, fuck you
Saying that you think you know me, why don't you blow me
You don't know shit about me, do you? No
All my fuckin life I dealt with punk fuckers like you
Giving me ultimatums, think I care about you?
Do me this, turn around let me hear the sound of you walking out of the door
And fucking yourself
Go fuck yourself

earliest live performance: April 29th 2006