written by: Jak Locke

from All Our Sunlight Scattered (December 16th 2002) (4:30)
The streets are dead and silent, the lamppost's light in vain
Ulysses trudges through puddles as he tries to dodge the rain
The taste of paradise still on his lips, from the bar room it remains
Daedalus flies on dropping stones on the beggar in his chains

The dregs of shallow misery, they're out in force tonight
The beggar shrieks in ecstasy as they all wail their plight
And Ulysses reading pictures, straining through his tunnel sight
Knowing, he thinks, most uselessly that the sun has lost its light

In the hall of queens Ulysses stares in disappointment at the view
Screams obscenities at the nightfall in disbelief that it is through
The future, a disability, and the past, a shade of blue
Teasing with its simplicity, searing with its truth

Caesar, he feels so impotent, his robe has grown in spades
Even with his vicious wealth and his eighty chambermaids
He lost his mind some time ago and as the distance fades
Kneeling down now silently and counting the grass blades

Ulysses and his band of men, they all share their false laugh
Swearing at the sunlight, not caring what they have
The beggar watching closely grins on Ulysses' guise
And Ulysses is the only other who knows that it's all lies
All a lie, all a lie, all a lie, all a lie

earliest live performance: February 20th 2002