Warsaw Honey
written by: Jak Locke

version 1:
from Laced (October 16th 2002) (3:00)
no lyrics

version 2:
from Junk Worship (September 12th 2003) (as "Warsaw Honey (Toten Alles)") (2:01)
Everybody knows where the ladies are at this time of night
They all with me baby. Oh
Just leave me alone
Come on get away from the
Just shut up and shoot everyone
I love my toilet paper
Yeah sexual anarchy
Oh no no no no no no uh huh
Four big red cuts from here to here, I mean clear through the skin, bleeding profusely. That cat's sitting there looking at him like, "just try it again you son of a bitch"

I have no head. I am a reject. I have no head. I look hilarious.
My brain is a broken basket of water.
Kill everything.
Kill everything.
To your weapons, attack, fire, destroy the buildings, kill them all,
everyone, kill them, destroy everything do not leave a single stinking
person, on my mark drop the bombs kill everything
I love you.
Kill everything.
I love you.
Kill everything.

version 3:
from Tomorrow Is Postponed (August 21st 2011) (1:34)
no lyrics

earliest live performance: April 15th 2011