Water Damage
written by: Jak Locke

version 1:
from Here, We Rock (December 21st 2001) (2:44)
Sediment wasteland on the view
Ancient lifeblood, torn-up leaf I grew

Polychroma doorstop wedged in time
Gone away now, cradled in a vine

from Thresholds (August 22nd 2001) (4:40)
Solitude calls me by my name
Lead pipe moonbeam, jamboree decay

Sediment wasteland on the view
Faxed out life blood, torn up leaf I grew

Polychroma cracking brown wood stain
Throwrug lifestyle, trash can fashion

Incredible door stop wedged in time
Scarred and forming, cradled in a vine

version 2:
earliest live performance: August 9th 2001