Where The End Begins Again
written by: Jak Locke

from Over (August 9th 2016) (2:50)
Time we have, soon to be the time we had and nothing more
Where I'll be, like before

Epitaphs, hijacked memories now written on the sun
Start again, back from one

Weren't we supposed to be everybody's sky?
Where the end began, some wasteland where my old personas lie
Where we watched our best selves die, oh, I follow

Coming down from a high that I forgot I'd fallen to
All this time, never knew

Still around, I've outlived more scenes than anyone recalls
Here they rose, there they fall

Weren't we supposed to be everybody's sky?
Another silent view when their time is through
One from few, and the muse makes two
Lover, what else could I do but follow?

earliest live performance: June 24th 2017