Wino Suit (Junk It!)
written by: Jak Locke

from Junk Worship (September 12th 2003) (1:31)
Junk it like a pile of metal
Junk it while the fallout starts to settle
Fire it up like a blunt
Junk that shit and burn the apartment
Junk it! Junk it!

Wax that shit like a piece of fruit
Hit me up while I'm in the mood
Push that car way down the street
Junk that shit like a man in heat
Junk it! Junk it!

Pushing all the right buttons tonight
Junk that shit right outta sight
Junk it Jimmie Walker jaw style
Junk that shit like a WAV file
Junk it!

Break your teeth on a bent up flute
Junk it like a man in a wino suit
Junk it down and don't know why
Junk this shit, let's all get high
Junk it! Junk it! Junk it!

never performed live