Yellow Note
written by: Jak Locke, Roy Lee

from A Sleeping Afternoon (July 19th 2001) (3:44)
I sit on the porch
Watchin the gasoline torch
Across the street, fleetin meat

I draw interesting stares from uncles sitting right there
Flowers on a record player, an unused director's chair

A dog runnin down the street or maybe the sidewalk
I think it was the sidewalk, nothin rhymes with that

"Dog sniffin the bushes"
Not a fire hydrant?
"He found a telephone pole"
Is it his now?

Harleys parked across town
"Sittin lonely like a clown"
Cuz we all know clowns are lonely
"Harleys are not meant to be"

No lights on, the sun's going down, mosquitoes are coming out
Glad I'm inside, yeah

never performed live