You Never Say My Name Right
written by: Jak Locke

from 365 Eulogies (March 26th 2012) (6:00)
So long as we're being honest, I only wanted a three night tryst
And it's easy when we kiss to feel you resist
When we're both well aware there's really nothing here to miss
Wasn't it you who said "you can try so hard but you'll never be better than this"?
Lady, who am I to argue when you choose your words so obvious? Yes you do

Your poverty's addictive, and you spend your time so wastefully
And the tears I hear, yes, I believe they're sincere
When you drop them so uncontrollably
Yet the time that you defend as your only friend is also your only enemy
But you cry so good it'd be a shame not to waste it on me, yes it would

On the night that we met, I can still remember the comfort of my loneliness
And nothing's really changed, I've still got all the same I had before, only less

Your hunger drew me in but it's your hatred that made me stay
Is this your poison on my lips or just some lingering taste of a forgotten yesterday?
Now, words aren't important, it's how they're spoken
Well, that's what you told me anyway
And I've got nothing but respect for all the ugly things you say, yes I do

Yes and it's half lies I've given you but which they are I'm not too sure anymore
I spoke them with such honesty though, and I know it's only presentation you adore
Sometimes I wonder what I'm still even here for
But I've got nowhere else to be and at least with you I'm not ignored, yes I am

Please don't tell me you didn't know there's no truth in anything I might have said
I only tried to pass by but your gate was wide open
Besides, you looked so easily led

When I woke yesterday evening I remembered what I'd always known
This was never my bed, no, and you even said so
But then you thought you were alone
Somehow it never mattered whose windows were shattered
From whoever cast the first stone
But how could I bring you down when you do it so well on your own? Yes you do

So long as we're being honest, I never really liked that song
Its words are meaningless, which reminds me what I've meant to tell you all along
It wasn't you that I wanted
I just never realized I was here that long
But I got nowhere else to be and so I'll stay even knowing it's wrong, yes I will.

earliest live performance: November 23rd 2009