The Targeted DVD had commentary tracks that we recorded that had insights on the making that weren't mentioned anywhere else. Since the DVD release is no longer the definitive or most accessible version of episodes 0 through 2, I recut the commentary to fit the new cuts of the films and added more commentary where there were gaps. It's finally up on the internet now, so enjoy this new and more detailed look back here.

Four years ago today I found the Atari disk that contained "Targeted!!!" in all its Atariwriter+ glory, so it seems fitting that the final release related to this phase of the project should be put up today: "Behind The Scenes of Targeted" is now live on YouTube! Six of us talk about our experience utilizing an outsider art approach to filmmaking. The content of this 23 minute video is drawn from the Behind The Scenes featurettes on the DVD, but with significant additions, watch it here!

And here we've finally reached the end of our time with the initial trio of Targeted short films. We've seen it develop from an offhand joke to a no-budget experiment to an ongoing series. Who can tell what's next? Whatever update you see here next will be about all new material, and we've got a lot of ideas we're very excited about diving into soon. Thank you for everything, we'll see you when we're back.

Outtakes from "Jimmy Makton And The Counting Room Three" are up today! The actors playing the bungling criminals show some method acting techniques. Watch the most entertaining outtakes from the shoots here.

The final Targeted episode for now, "Jimmy Makton and The Counting Room Three" is now on YouTube! Like "The Bounty Hunter & The Butcher" (which it is a prequel to), it's drawn from the A script and restructured to stand on its own. You can watch it here. There are still a few more behind-the-scenes things coming over the next couple of weeks though, so while the end is definitely very near, we're not quite ready to close this chapter just yet.

Outtakes from "The Bounty Hunter And The Butcher" are up today! Blown lines, ripped pants and derailing trains ahoy! Watch the most entertaining outtakes from the shoots here.

The second short film, "The Bounty Hunter And The Butcher" is now on YouTube! It's a heavily cut, faster-paced version of the A script (19 minutes worth of cuts) and, going forward, is the canonical version of the story. You can watch it here. The last episode (to this point), "Jimmy Makton And The Counting Room Three", will be up next Monday, April 25th.

Outtakes from "Targeted!!!: The Original" are up today! Watch us fail to deliver the lines straight here.

The first short film, "Targeted!!!: The Original (A Western Written By A Seven Year Old)" is released today on YouTube! You can watch it here as much as you want now. "The Bounty Hunter And The Butcher" is coming next Monday April 18th, and "Jimmy Makton And The Counting Room Three" will be up the Monday after that, April 25th.

Here's the YouTube release schedule for the three shorts:
Monday, April 11th 2016: "Targeted!!!: The Original (A Western Written By A Seven Year Old)"
Monday, April 18th 2016: "The Bounty Hunter And The Butcher"
Monday, April 25th 2016: "Jimmy Makton And The Counting Room Three"
And here's an updated promotional video for the upcoming release!

New introduction sequences are done for "The Bounty Hunter and The Butcher" and "Jimmy Makton and The Counting Room Three", see pictures of the prop documents I made for them on the improved Images page!

A lot of changes are coming for Targeted: it is now an ongoing series of short films. In April, three will be released on YouTube (titles subject to change between now and then):

"The Bounty Hunter and the Butcher"
"Jimmy Makton and the Counting Room Three"
"Targeted!!!: The Original (written by a seven-year-old)"

Up until now, Targeted was two films: the original written by a seven-year-old, and the mature action western adapted from it. "The Bounty Hunter and the Butcher" is a drastically cut version of the adapted film, trimming 20 minutes from the adapted film's 40 minute runtime. "Jimmy Makton and the Counting Room Three" is also taken from the adapted film, and has been re-cut to stand alone as its own short.

We plan to continue the series over the years with new short films set in the Targeted universe centering around other characters and stories that wouldn't have been possible to cover had we stuck to a feature film-focused approach. The full 40 minute release of the adapted film will still be available to purchase on DVD and VHX, rebranded as an extended version of "The Bounty Hunter and the Butcher".

We recorded a podcast detailing how the premiere screenings went, check it out here (with visuals)!

The Store page is up with order links for DVDs, soundtrack CDs, and digital streaming, find it via the top menu of this site!

Pictures from the premiere screenings in New Orleans and Houma are up!

Soundtrack CDs are in and the DVDs have been ordered -- these and posters will be on sale at the three premieres on October 16 & 17, and soon afterward from this website. So, yeah, this project's officially done now! Time to start planning the sequel.

All the shooting, editing, sound, music, overdubs, color correction, and everything else is complete!

SHOOTING (23 of 23 scenes, 100%)                                        
SHOT SEQUENCING (23 of 23 scenes, 100%)                                        
ON-SET DIALOG SYNC (11 of 11 scenes, 100%)                                        
ADR DIALOG RECORDED (10 of 10 scenes, 100%)                                        
ADR DIALOG SYNC (10 of 10 scenes, 100%)                                        
FOLEY RECORDED (22 of 22 scenes, 100%)                                        
FOLEY SYNCED (22 of 22 scenes, 100%)                                        
SOUND POST-PROCESSED (22 of 22 scenes, 100%)                                        
SOUNDTRACK (23 of 23 scenes, 100%)                                        
FINAL PASS EDITING (23 of 23 scenes, 100%)                                        
TOTAL (100%)                                        

The third and final early trailer for this project is up for viewing now! The B script finally gets some screen time.

We've added a second screening of Targeted in Houma later that night:
Saturday October 17 2015 @ 10pm
The Boxer & The Barrel (7817 Main St, Houma, LA)
$3 (21+only)
musical entertainment to follow provided by Chaos of the Cosmos

The Houma premiere screening of Targeted:
Saturday October 17 2015 @ 5pm
Anelas Community Center (7720 Main St, Houma, LA)
free to general public

The New Orleans premiere screening of Targeted:
Friday October 16 2015 @ 5pm
Rare Form (437 Esplanade Ave, New Orleans, LA)
free to cast, $5 (21+ only)

You can now stream and purchase the Targeted soundtrack online! Limited physical copies will also be available at the premiere screenings which will be October 16th (New Orleans, LA) and October 17th (Houma, LA). More details on that are coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy the music!

The score is finished! Over the next two weeks I'll be balancing it with the sounds and dialogue as well as preparing the digital release for it. After that, all that's left is color correction and we've got ourselves a movie or two.

Early Trailer #2 for the A script is up today!

As work continues on the soundtrack, here's a new trailer full of scenes from the A script with a release date set for fall of this year.

All sound effects and dialog are post-processed! It's not the most thrilling part of the process by far but it's one of the most important and now it's done. Over the next few months I'll be composing, performing and recording the soundtrack.

As of right at midnight, the travel montage is sequenced and all the sounds are in their places. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be mixing and fine tuning the sounds to be as good as they can be.

Over the weekend the last miniature scenes were shot, the final voice overdubs were recorded, and almost all of the sound effects were created and captured. A VHS tape gave its life to provide outdoor walking sounds and I took four years off my life throwing myself into walls and floors to get some good fight sounds for you. Once the sounds are inserted and the travel montage shots are sequenced, all that's left is sound editing, composing, arranging and recording the soundtrack, and then the final editing passes. So there's still quite a lot to do but the end is finally somewhere close in sight.

Another article about Targeted ran in the Tri-Parish Times last Wednesday! It's now available for online reading at

You can see some of the progress that's been made with miniatures at the top of the list in the Images section. There's a few more things left to purchase and weather, and it's looking like October 5th will be our final shoot date with actors.

A detailed article about Targeted ran in the Houma Courier newspaper today! Read it online at

We shot scenes of the town streets today as well as more shots for the travel montage at Laurel Valley Village in Thibodaux, LA. Pictures are already up in the Images section! One quick scene remains to be shot and then it's all miniatures, sound, and final editing from here.

August 8th 2012, we did a livecast for the end of the Indiegogo campaign -- you may have even been in the chat with us when we did! If you were, you can relive selected moments (now with mostly unnecessary text commentary!) because we've put up a highlight video: three hours condensed into 40 minutes. If you weren't, you can see what you missed from way back at the beginning of this project. Watch it at

After a grueling weekend shoot in Franklinton and Ponchatoula, all the principal shooting for the project is done! What's left then? Transitional shots, miniatures, foley, overdubs for the recently shot scenes, the soundtrack, and final pass editing. Quite a bit, as you can tell from the progress chart up there, but it should go quite a bit quicker than the shoots did, since there's far less to deal with in the way of schedules and making 21st century places look like they're in 1874.

Last Sunday we shot the saloon scenes for script A and script B in a 14 hour long shoot. This Friday we'll be doing pick-up shots, leaving June 7th and 8th's shoots as the last ones! Pictures to come soon, keep checking the Images section.

On Sunday we ran through the script with some stand-ins to set blocking and angles and also stained the bar, built a shelf and began work on the swinging doors. Want to see it? 'Course you do! Find it in the Images section.

This past Saturday, we finished the bar construction! All that's left is to stain it and paint the bartop. Set dressing has started to trickle in already too, you can see pictures of all of it in the Images section.

Yesterday we did yet more construction and angle setting, can you believe it? I bet you can. The bar is just about done, see what's been happening on the set in the Images section.

Construction continues on the saloon set, as well as some early angle setting -- breathtaking, I know! See our progress in the Images section.

Set construction for the saloon scene began yesterday, you can see some pictures of the progress in the Images section!

ADR for all of the scenes that needed it (exteriors and the safehouse sequence) are nearly done after three sessions. The last session is scheduled for next week. Pictures from the first session are up in the Images section!

The most difficult location to pin down by far has been for the saloon scenes, and yesterday we finally found one! With this, we're well on our way to wrapping shooting and moving into the post-production phase.

Yesterday we finished the other half of the safehouse's pick-up scenes in our first multi-location shoot. It went really well and ahead of schedule even. Pictures are up!

We shot the first half of the safehouse's pick-up scenes today as well as another segment for the travel montage. The other half will be shot next Sunday. As you may have guessed, pictures are up!

We shot the surreal intro sequence today in Houma, pictures are already up!

Everyone in the crew's been busy with other responsibilities this autumn so that's why updates have been scarce lately. That's why I'm happy to say that we did the reshoot of the sheriff's office scene today as well as shot part of the finale. Pictures and such to come soon from that. All that's left are exteriors, the saloon shoot, and a few short segments. Thank you for keeping up with this project over the months, we're getting there!

Both scripts have sequences set in the barracks of a fort where Jimmy gets his gun, and both of them were filmed yesterday at the beautiful Mahler House in Houma. Pictures are up of that shoot in Images!

One of this project's biggest sequences, the safehouse segment, was shot yesterday in an all-day shoot -- pictures are up!

This Sunday we shot the scene in "Targeted" where Jimmy meets Samuel for the first time. See some pictures of how that went for him in the Images!

Frances Gumm wins the Champion award for sitting through twelve spit takes to the face in a row without a single complaint in yesterday's shoot of "Targeted!!!"'s surreal Jon's Clothes Store sequence. A few pictures from the shoot are already up with more to come.

A short trailer was needed for a location pitch, so with the shots we've got so far and some new music, behold! A ridiculously early trailer for a movie that's still got plenty left to shoot!

After a truly impressive series of plans falling through and unfortunate happenings, we still somehow shot a very good Pinkerton Agency sequence yesterday. Seriously, you wouldn't believe how many things fell apart and how many last minute additions ended up working out much better than the original plan -- or, if you're involved in movies, you probably would. Anyway, the Pinkerton Agency scenes are all shot and there's a couple of posed stills for you in the Images, with more to come soon as usual.

We shot the dialogue-heavy sheriff's office scene for "Targeted" earlier today -- what an unexpectedly grueling shoot! We returned to Christine Wallace's house which we originally used for the three Indiegogo promos back in July -- you can catch a glimpse of the room we used for the Sheriff's office to the extreme left of promo 1 at around the 1:00 mark. Or, you can see a much clearer set of pictures of it and some of us in the Images! Posed stills from the scene will be posted here in a few days too.

The entire hotel sequence in "Targeted!!!" is complete now after Sunday's hotel room shoot! It only takes a dozen or so takes for a line to not be funny at all anymore. Everyone's got a lot going on for the rest of the month so the next shoot will most likely be in early December. Check out the Images too, because pictures are up!

Two days ago we shot the hotel lobby and exterior hotel scenes at a house on the outskirts of Thibodaux -- today you can see some shots of that shoot on the Images page! Tonight or tomorrow there will be more pictures up from that shoot. The next scheduled shoot is November 11th in Slidell for the hotel room, which may have the most ridiculous line in the entire project. Here's hoping we can get through it in as few ruined takes as possible.

Shooting began yesterday, and filming for the main movie's brothel scene is done! We filmed at an abandoned dance hall in the back of the Oncale Cafe in Thibodaux and you can see some pictures from the shoot on the Images page. This Sunday we'll be doing the hotel lobby scene for the alternate movie, so there will be more pictures to come then.

The Targeted website is now up! (You are here in case you were wondering.) This replaces the Indiegogo page as the main stop for all things Targeted. Update your links to keep up with the latest!

So that this is something more of an actual update, pre-production is still in progress. Some of our crew are dealing with fallout from Hurricane Isaac, so our shooting schedule may get delayed. At the moment, we're still looking at shooting to begin in October.

When time permits, highlights from the livestream will be put up for you to see in case you missed it!

The Indiegogo campaign is over as of 2am earlier today -- big huge frontier-sized gratitude to all our contributors who raised $1,615 for the Targeted production over the last couple of months and to all of you who were a part of the livestream last night! We'll make the most awesome movie we're collectively capable of making for you. Thank you!

We will be livestreaming the end of the "Targeted" Indiegogo campaign tonight, starting at 8pm central time! While the campaign technically ends at 2am, our current plan is to go until 10pm.

Jak Locke ("Samuel Barnet" / director / producer / writer), Angelle Tusa ("Penelope Linter" / producer), Remy Duguet ("August Pierce") and Loreli Lee ("Waitress Jones") will be present during the stream, and we will hopefully call up even more of the cast and crew via speakerphone or Skype so you can hear directly from the people involved with the project. Feel free to chime in with any questions you have in the chat and we’ll answer them for you!

Beyond that we’ll discuss some of the behind the scenes pre-production we’ve been up to, do a live script reading of the original 6-year-old-authored script that spun off the whole project, talk about some of the perks including the audiobook adaptation and the video game, and give shout outs to anyone who donates to the project! No begging though, that's tacky.

You can join in on all the fun by going to:
See you at 8!

Tomorrow night from 8pm til 10pm, we'll be livecasting the leadup to the last few hours of the Indiegogo campaign! Chat with us, hear us do a reading of the original 6-year-old-authored script that spun off the whole project, and who knows what else. A link to the 'cast and more details to come tomorrow afternoon!

Indiegogo Campaign Promo #3 is up!
That's the final promo video for the Indiegogo campaign, which has only a few days left -- if you haven't contributed yet and want to, now's your chance to be part of ultra-underground western short film history!

Indiegogo Campaign Promo #2 is up!

Indiegogo Campaign Promo #1 is up!

Shooting for the promo went very smooth and productive today, and we've got a lot of pictures for you from it very soon! Editing commences on the three promos which we'll be releasing one at a time every few days leading up to the end of the Indiegogo campaign.

In a few days we'll be shooting a few promos for the Indiegogo campaign -- in wardrobe and on location at that! So soon, you'll all get a small glimpse of what the actual movie might look like, and we'll get an idea of what's in store for us in making this thing.

The custom postcards for our awesome contributors are in! And a big thanks too to everybody who's following this project -- there's not much to report during this early pre-production phase but stick with us, there will be so much more to show once things really get rolling.

Jak Locke showed up on this week's It's New Orleans! Happy Hour podcast where he talked about the Targeted project and a lot of other topics with host Grant Morris and fellow guests Kerrie Ann Frey and Ken del Corrall. Stream it or download it here (episode title: "What I Really Do Is...").

06.26.2012 recently spoke to Jak Locke about the "Targeted" / "Targeted!!!" project -- read the interview here!

The Indiegogo campaign is live! Read more about the films there, check out the benefits, donate, and / or spread the word!

The film has a Facebook page now if you're into that whole scene -- go like it right now if so!

So you ask "What is Targeted?" This is Targeted! Our pitch video lives today.

We're shooting a pitch video for the project and Indiegogo campaign tomorrow with writer/director Jak Locke, lead actor Zach Dufrene, assistant producer Angelle Tusa, cinematographer Simon Mabile and lighting tech Badninja9 -- should have it up within the week!

We've decided we're going to give this crowd-sourcing thing a go. An Indiegogo that is. Please ignore that terrible joke. Anyway, this thing is getting super expensive for a single entertainer's budget to finance, so it's worth a shot at any rate. We'll have a link for you when it's up!

It seems like a waste of great potential to just do a silly ten minute joke film with all the money, talented people, and resources that are now committed to this project. So I'm writing a completely new story and script, this one with an actual plot and character development, using the same characters and locations as the original and we're going to shoot both films at the same time!

I found a script for a western called "Targeted!!!" that I wrote when I was 7. It's so awful that I have to film it. Already have a cinematographer and a targeted (ha) shooting date around early July. Looking for actors, locations, wardrobe. Inquire within, let's have some fun.