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November 20, 2001
Brandon and I did two more new videos in the style of "Fireplug" for my songs "Junkyard" and "Junkfish". In lieu of the actual videos, I'll try and at least get some screenshots up in the meantime. Speaking of pictures, shots from the October 20th Neutral Ground show and the November 17th tailgate party have been developed and will be posted to the SCANS page of the site shortly.

November 18, 2001
Wow, for those of you who weren't there, was yesterday ever an interesting experience -- something got mixed up so there was no power supply and no PA system! The show must go on though, so we ended up chaining about a dozen extension cords together and I sang through a bass amp we were able to borrow from my friend Brandon Zeringue at the last minute. And of course, shortly after we finished, the power supply and PA showed up!
After that, Brandon and I decided to film a music video for my song "Fireplug" from the Chaos Turbine album. It's pretty weird -- once I'm able to figure out how to convert it to a format you can see on this website, I think you'll like it a lot. To close, I'll be setting up some shows in December at the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse soon so I'll let you know when those have dates to them.

November 6, 2001
I went and got sick, and I mean really sick! I don't think I'll be well enough in time to play the November 10th show. I apologize for the cancellation. I should definitely be ready for the November 17th show though, so that one is still on.

November 4, 2001
Wow, it's been a long time since the last update! I guess I was busier than I realized. Let's see if I can catch everyone up on what's happened since last time.
Chad Petit is unavailable for the November 10 show so Ben Collier will be playing drums. This and November 17's show will be the last full band shows I'll be doing for a while, so try not to miss them!
This site has had a few minor updates, mainly in the home page and, of course, the color scheme.
This afternoon marks the end of the run of "Dark Of The Moon" which has been a great time for all of us involved with it--I hope you were able to see it! If anybody wants a copy of the score on CD, send an email to me at jak10102@yahoo.com and we'll figure out how to get it to you.

October 27, 2001
I've done a lot of versions of a song called "I Don't Care About This Song", five to be exact, making the title a big fat lie five times over! So of course I'm going to put them all on a CD called "I Don't Care About This EP!" There's about a dozen copies of it laying around Nicholls campus now, let me know if you find one!

October 22, 2001
Yeah! I think I'm finally done adding tracks to "Dustpan Ballads Of The Total Stoned Model Citizen", so it's time to get it out there. I'll drop some copies around Thibodaux and New Orleans. If you don't feel like hunting for it, just come to a show or run into me and I'll probably have one on me for you.

October 16, 2001
Last night was Open Mike Night at The Neutral Ground, so I took a trip from Thibodaux with a friend. I did four songs with Leo McGovern on conga drums and it sure was fun to play there again! I'll be back in a few days too on Saturday, October 20 beginning at 7:00pm so I hope some of you will be out there to check it out! I'll be playing a lot of the songs from the album I've been working on for the past few weeks.
Also, apparently NSU changed their mind about the DJ for the Grambling/Nicholls game tailgate party on November 10th because they told us we're back on it! I've also started recording the first cuts of the score for "Dark Of The Moon"--I hope it's "weird and strange" enough!

October 15, 2001
Some bad news: the Edge Fest show on November 7 has been cancelled, and they ended up going for a DJ at the Grambling/Nicholls game on November 10. While that's certainly disappointing, they're talking about having us play a show before the McNeese/Nicholls game on November 17. And you can still see "Dark Of The Moon" from November 1 - 4, so there's still a lot of cool stuff coming up next month!

October 12, 2001
Surprise! Another release, and it isn't the "Dustpan Ballads"one I said it would be (though that's definitely still coming very soon now!) It's called "Seed"--I wanted to play around with limitations so almost all the songs are stream of consciousness one-take lyrics and I used the same instruments and pedal setting on all the tracks. I made a few CDs and a lot of cassettes of it and you can look for them in the usual places starting today!

October 8, 2001
For the past few weeks, we've been dropping some early cuts of the next album I'm working on, "Dustpan Ballads Of The Total Stoned Model Citizen", around Thibodaux and New Orleans -- if you found one and got to this site that way, hello! Also more pictures to see in SCANS, some from the Hippie Day performance, go look!

October 5, 2001
We'll be playing a show before the Grambling/Nicholls game on November 10 on Nicholls campus, probably by the stadium. Once again, sorry about how last minute this is: I'll be on KNSU 91.5 FM again tonight at 9-ish with D.J. Axle--I really hope you read this before it airs in a couple hours!

October 3, 2001
I've been asked to compose, perform and record the entire score (incidental music) for the "Dark Of The Moon" production! Stanley Coleman, film professor at Nicholls State University, and director of the play, has asked for "weird and strange" music. Hey, didn't I just put out something like that? This ought to work out really well then. Be sure not to miss the play, because it promises to be a very entertaining and well-done production. As of now, it will be running November 1-4, 2001 at the Nicholls State University auditorium in Talbot Hall.

October 2, 2001
I'm putting out a new album called "Dusk Segment" today -- it's louder, weirder and darker than ever! Get a copy from me at a show some time. I've still been working on the "Model Citizen" album too all this time, when it's done I think it's going to be even more out there than this one!

October 1, 2001
Thanks to everyone who checked out our Hippie Day show! The university has asked us to play another show some time this month--details as they come. Ben, Chad and Dorian will probably be back at any full band shows I do too!

September 27, 2001
Chad Petit of the punk band "The Immaculate Conceptions" has joined up as drummer for the Hippie Day show!  This fills out the backup band with Chad on drums, Ben Doolittle on bass, and Dorian Dardar on rhythm guitar.

September 26, 2001
Nicholls had an event in the Student Union around noon called "One Hit Wonder", where you go in a booth and a couple guys record you singing over a karaoke track, or you could bring a guitar in and do your own thing if you wanted, and they give you a CD of it when you're done. I brought my guitar and recorded Beck's "Atmospheric Conditions", and now you can hear it on the MEDIA page! They even took a picture of you for the CD art which I ended up liking so much that it's now the main picture on the home page.

September 25, 2001
Ben Doolittle and Dorian Dardar have agreed to back me up for the first and last sets of my three-set show on September 29, 2001!  Also, looks like I'll be playing guitar as well as harmonica for the Nicholls Players production of "Dark Of The Moon." And I finished the parts for that tape I mentioned a couple weeks back so keep an eye out at shows (and in dark corners of Talbot Hall too) for a tape labelled "Datura Holiday"! I'm almost done with the next album and maybe another release on top of that too, lots going on today!

September 20, 2001
I've been officially added to the list of local Louisiana bands who are playing KNSU's Edge Fest in November 2001!  Other bands appearing include Gossamer, Dead Boy And The Elephant Men, and Eyes.  I guess I'll need to get a band together quick! Also, I'll be providing harmonica backup onstage as a member of a barnhouse band in a scene for the Nicholls Players production of "Dark Of The Moon", running during the first week of November. And before I go, go ahead and check the MEDIA page, you might like what you find!

September 19, 2001
No last minute interview this time! On September 28th at around 8:30am, I'll be on live for an interview and a live song broadcast on KNSU 91.5 FM with D.J. Kung Fu.  Be sure to catch the show online if you're out of broadcast range by tuning in via webcast on www.nicholls.edu/knsu.

September 18, 2001
KNSU D.J. Krazy Kooter interviewed me briefly today on KNSU about the upcoming Hippie Day on September 29th that I'll be playing--sorry I didn't have time to let you know about it, it was all last minute! Here's some good news, "In The Dark" featuring Lauren is up for you to listen to on the MEDIA page! I'm still working on a couple of new releases too, so keep checking back.

September 17, 2001
As promised, more pictures have been added to the SCANS page, and more are still coming, possibly as soon as tomorrow!

September 16, 2001
My song "In The Dark" featuring Lauren on lead vocals was recorded yesterday and once I'm done mixing it, you can hear it on the MEDIA page!  Also upcoming are some scans from my August 18, September 1, and September 2 shows at the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse.

September 14, 2001
Upcoming are collaborative efforts with me and local south Louisiana musician Lauren.  More details as they appear!

September 13, 2001 NEWS
Recording some songs in my room with some friends! I think I'll add some instrument parts to these songs and make a tape out of it, more to come later, back to the party!

September 12, 2001 NEWS

The SCANS section has been massively updated and a thumbnail format is now operational.  Enjoy!

September 7, 2001 NEWS

Real quick, I'll be performing in less than an hour on KNSU 91.5 FM "The Edge"'s Live at Nine show!  If you miss the broadcast, they might have me back for another Live at Nine in the future if this one goes well.  If you're out of the Thibodaux broadcasting area, log on to www.nicholls.edu/knsu to tune in from anywhere in the world. Gotta go, tune in if you can!

September 2, 2001 NEWS

The show last night was a lot of fun, thanks to all of you who came!  I added pictures to SCANS (nothing new yet, just retreads of the art and pics already on the various pages of the website).  And for those of you who missed the show last night, I'll be playing at The Neutral Ground AGAIN tonight for Open Microphone Night before I head back up to Thibodaux for the month.

September 1, 2001 NEWS

Songs added to the MEDIA page, and radio interview transscripts are on their way soon!  Don't forget, tonight is my show at the Neutral Ground, so don't miss it if you're in the area.

August 31, 2001 NEWS

The SCOOP page isn't a bland boring information vomit anymore so much as it's a much more pleasant to read F.A.Q. now. As soon as I get back to my photo albums this weekend, I'll begin adding pictures to the SCANS section of the site!

August 28, 2001 NEWS

Somewhere in Talbot Hall at Nicholls, I've left a cassette tape of a few of the new songs I've been working on! Can you find it? It's labelled "Model Citizen". Email me if you run across it!

August 27, 2001 NEWS

I added a guestbook to the website, finally. Sign in and fill it up and let me know what you think!

August 25, 2001 NEWS

Welcome to the all-new website dedicated to Jak's music, recordings, live performances, and other interesting things he's up to. Today marks its first day of existence, so feel privileged if you are visiting this site today!
Don't feel neglected if you missed all six of Jak's shows this summer. You'll have at least two opportunities to catch him live in September and a number of chances to hear him on the radio!
September 1, 2001, be sure to catch Jak's one hour set at the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse in New Orleans. Click on the link within this blurb to get directions direct from the website. The show begins at 8:30pm, so don't be late.
Mid-September, tune into Thibodaux's KNSU 91.5 FM "The Edge" on your radio or, if out of range, on the KNSU website to hear Jak's newest recording debut on the air, and also to hear an interview with D.J. Tyler D and Jak.
September 29, 2001, starting at 11:00am at Nicholls State University and going on until 5:00pm, see Jak's suicide set for PKT's Hippie Day or catch it on the air on KNSU 91.5 FM "The Edge". Now you have no excuses.