And society mocks him and says with a sneer/Don't be like him children don't even go near

January 10, 2002
I've begun a HUGE remodeling process on the website--color scheme, layout, the whole works. I hope you'll enjoy the new look--progress will be made on the remaining pages over the next couple of days and will be completely finished by (at the latest) Saturday Jan. 12. Like the last update, the Archives of BUZZ pages from months past will remain unchanged.

January 4, 2002
The SCANS page has been updated to make it a lot easier to view instead of having to scroll down that long long list.

January 3, 2002
In order to make the show information more readily available to you the viewers, I've added a constantly updated "Upcoming Events" and "What You Just Missed" text box on the home page, detailing shows and interviews that are upcoming or have happened recently.

January 2, 2002
For those who couldn't make it last night, my idea was to have a full five-piece band back me up! It sure was a lot of fun doing that, and I'm glad the Neutral Ground were good sports about it--we got some strange looks dragging all that equipment in at first! I'm considering doing more full band shows since the three we've done so far have been such a good time for everyone. I guess we'll see what happens!

December 31, 2001
Remember the folk album I mentioned when "Here, We Rock" came out a week and a half ago? It's done! Pick up "Other Streets" at a show (like maybe the one we're playing tomorrow). Until then, Happy New Year's Eve!

December 30, 2001
Those of you who were at the show last night know that percussionist Count Z Bop backed me up for the whole set on conga drums and really added a lot to the songs. That gave me an idea for the New Year's show which I don't want to jinx by talking about it here--so I guess you'll just have to come out to the show and see what I'm talking about!

December 22, 2001
Apparently I shouldn't worry about wearing out my welcome at the Neutral Ground, because they've asked me to perform on New Year's Day, just three days after my next performance there which will be seven days after the show I just did there tonight! The New Year's show starts at 8:30pm, so I hope you can make it if your New Year's hangover has subsided by that point. Also, more videos you can't see yet, Brandon Zeringue filmed highlights of tonight's show which I really wish I could convert and show you right now.

December 21, 2001
New album! It's called "Here, We Rock" and has a lot of my new rock stuff and a couple of jams with Shane Padilla. So much fun making this one! I'll be bringing them to every set if you want to get one from me. I'm also SO close to being done with the other album I've been working on which has a lot of my new folk stuff. I was hoping to release both at once. It doesn't look like that's going to happen. Very soon though!

December 15, 2001
The Neutral Ground extended my set on December 22nd from one hour to two hours! What am I going to do with all that time? Well, this: one half of the show will be a Bob Dylan tribute and the other half will be me debuting my newest songs, and I've written a LOT over the past month. It all starts at 9:30pm!

December 11, 2001
I'll be playing December 29th at the Neutral Ground as well as the show on the 22nd! I hope they don't get sick of me playing on dates so close together. On December 7, Brandon Zeringue filmed a follow-up to that strange pseudo-interview I mentioned last week, and it's even weirder than the first one. If nothing else, I'm going to get screenshots and type up transcripts of these for you since it feels kind of silly to talk about them without having anything for you to see of them.

December 6, 2001
Brennan Matherne ended up getting really sick, so the NTW feature has been postponed until early next year. So instead, a really strange interview (?) hosted by Brandon Zeringue was filmed on December 1. I swear, I'm working on finding a way to get these videos on the site! Also, I've been working on two new albums, one rock and one folk. They should be done by the end of this month.

November 27, 2001
The band and I will be featured in Brennan Matherne's segment on NTW (Nicholls Television Weekly) broadcast locally in Thibodaux, LA on channel 40! The interview is scheduled for tomorrow and the broadcast date is Tuesday, December 4, 2001. The time slot is uncertain -- as soon as I find out, I'll let you know. It will feature the interview and clips from the video Brandon Zeringue shot of the November 17 show at the tailgate party. Don't miss it if you have access to NTW!

November 26, 2001
The website is now undergoing some cosmetic changes, as I'm sure you've noticed--I felt like it was time for something different. I've also been added to the Neutral Ground's lineup for December 22, 2001 at 9:30pm!