MARCH 2003 - DECEMBER 2002

::::: 12.1.02 Wizerk Dot Com Feature :::::
The Wizerk Dot Com feature on Jak is now up for public viewing at

::::: 11.27.02 Final One-Eyed Jacks Show :::::
This is it! Jak will be playing the final show as frontman of The One-Eyed Jacks on December 7 at Zeppelin's in Metairie. After that, you won't be able to catch the Jacks anywhere else. It's the final deal, so be sure you make it out there. Don't miss the show this Saturday either at The Hi-Ho Lounge in New Orleans.

::::: 11.23.02 Links In MISC Downsized, Wizerk Dot Com Interview :::::
Jak was interviewed last night by Wizerk Dot Com, so the December feature on their site will be right on schedule.

::::: 11.20.02 "Broke-Down-Town" (Previously "Ecstasy & Agony") Nearly Completed :::::
What used to be called "Ecstasy And Agony" is now called "Broke Down Town", and it currently has seven tracks completed.

::::: 11.18.02 "Strange Apartments" Released Today :::::
Surprise! Over the past few months I've been working on a secret album while I've been bouncing between Marrero and Thibodaux. I came back in town a few days back and finally finished the last touches on it! Look for the aptly-named "Strange Apartments" at one of the shows.

::::: 11.16.02 "Junk Worship" Release Pushed Back :::::
The release of "Junk Worship" has been pushed back to an undetermined date in either December or early January.

::::: 10.23.02 Two New Pictures :::::
A picture from each of Jak's last two shows have been added to SCANS.

::::: 10.21.02 New Layout!, New One-Eyed Jacks Show :::::
Here's the new look and feel of the site! It's been majorly condensed from its previous existence as a four-section clickfest, and it looks a lot less cluttered now than it did before. Use the messageboard, let us know how you like it! The One-Eyed Jacks now have another show, this time at the Hi-Ho Lounge in New Orleans, LA with Misled on Saturday, November 30! Now's the time to make it to the Jacks' shows, because after December, you'll never have another chance!