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November 29 2021
This will likely be the last reissue for a while since I need to dig a lot deeper to source tracks and records on anything else that's left (which is just about all pre-2000 demos at this point). Oh yes, the reissue -- it's Play Anyway from May 2005, a quick 17 minute demo of 6 alt rock antifolk tracks. The most interesting song to me is "Dive Bar" which is a funkier cut of "Canto XXVIII" with a different bridge and lyrics. I'd release "Canto" six months later on Battery Acid as a much more metal song, though it's surprising how little was changed between the two versions. Play Anyway had a planned short run and if you were hanging around the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse around that time, I probably gave you one of these back then.
November 18 2021
From the summer of 2004 comes the rock and smoky blues collection Shut Off. This was actually an amalgamation of three different demos I had been working on at the time, all not-so-coincidentally themed around secluding and walling off. Not the best time to live through but there's some good songs and seeds of future songs that came out of this one that I'd forgotten about. It had a production run of a few months until I shifted all the focus on Brother Sisyphus when it came out.
November 10 2021
The backlog of discontinued albums and demos is getting very short at this point with today's reissue of the very odd Laced, brought to you from a very hazy period in October 2002. While I was going through the master sourcing I had to admit that I frankly don't remember recording half of these songs, but it does sound like I had a great time doing it. As was typical for me for this era, the original release enjoyed about two weeks or so of distribution before the tapes or discs ran out and I had moved on to something else. Loud antifolk and bizarre cassette-speed experimentation await!
November 8 2021
Strange Apartments hails from late 2002 when I was spending time between Marrero and Thibodaux as a transient picking up odd jobs and bouncing around different apartments. The recording quality varies widely as a result of recording in very different locations from song to song but the sound concept is pretty consistent throughout, a mix of melancholy and trippy folk and alt rock.
November 3 2021
Today's reissue comes from July 2002, a rather jarringly disparate collection of punk and folk rock songs I recorded at Shane Padilla's studio DWS over that year's spring and summer when I'd come visit him. As a result he features heavily on the album, mostly on drums. The Renovated Enervated had a short run of about a month before I got distracted with focusing more heavily on The One-Eyed Jacks and relocating.
October 26 2021
Here's the last of this month's reissues, and only 14 days past its 20 year (!) anniversary. Seed was a collection of stream-of-consciousness lyrics scored by garish antifolk and blues released mainly on cassettes in mid-October 2001, the third of four full-length experimental releases in a 30 day period, each utilizing different recording techniques / spaces.
October 14 2021
Here's a different kind of old release -- when I recorded 2008's acoustic release "Post-Apocalyptic Hymnal" with Zach Dufrene and Jeremy Borne, we ended up having almost another album's worth of finished songs that didn't make the cut for the release! I've finally cleaned them up and released them in a collection called Hymnal Apocrypha.
October 7 2021
And here's another one the very next day! "Datura Holiday" came out as a very limited release on cassette in September 2001, a week before "Dusk Segment". With the source tracks recorded with friends in the room and definitely under influences over the course of a few days, it tends to be a more grinding listen than usual even for the earlier experimental material thanks to its aggressively murky recording experiments and more than a few opaque inside jokes. All the same, it's a part of the full discography and now it's back for anyone who's ready to get really weird in the deep cuts. Find it in the usual spot on Bandcamp.
October 6 2021
This month my plan is to focus on getting through more of the backlog of planned reissues and remasters! The first of this month's batch comes from October 2001, a trip through solitude via rowdy noisy alt rock, spare antifolk and oppressive depitched experimentation. As always you can hear it on Bandcamp.
September 28 2021
What was once called the unpronouncable Review<141 is now titled Abrupt Analysis Arcade! I've been wanting to change this to something better for a while and finally gave it the thought it needed. Also I've added a lot more reviews that have been in the chamber for a couple of months or so. And in case you weren't aware, the daily posts of the backlog continue on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, all handily renamed as well.
September 27 2021
The layout of this site mutated into a cluttered text-bomb of a mess for a while there! So I separated the updates and latest releases from the front page, moved the navigation menu to the bottom, and flushed out the CSS code, all of which has already made navigating this thing a thousand times better. Enjoy version 24!